You dropped out of college because you realized it wasn’t a good fit, and now you’re worried that you won’t find a job. People around you may have told you repeatedly that dropping out of college is the worst decision you could make and that you should stick with it to get your degree. Everyone has an opinion on college, but don’t allow the thoughts of others to cloud your judgment and make you believe that you have to stay at a school you don’t like while learning about things that don’t matter to you. Believe it or not, you don’t need a degree to land dozens of high-paying jobs, many of which allow you to work remotely from the comfort of home.


More companies are willing to overlook a lack of a college degree if it means hiring someone with the skills and experience needed to get the job done correctly. If you can do what they’re asking of you when hired to fill a role, you’re helping the company meet goals and reach quotas, which is the only thing that matters to most organizations, big and small. Check out this list of nine online jobs willing to hire you without a college degree required!

#1. Customer Service Agent


If you have customer service experience, you may be glad to hear that you don’t have to work in an office environment or have a college degree to get an online job as a customer service agent. Most remote customer service agents are making at least $40k per year, with opportunities for raises and promotions that would lead to higher earnings in no time.


The Responsibilities of a Customer Service Agent


As a customer service agent, your role and responsibility would be to handle the concerns and questions that customers might have. Whether they have a complaint about a product they’ve purchased, need help choosing between different options, or have other questions they’d like to ask, you could assist them while providing excellent customer service.


While it’s not ideal for everyone, some people love helping others and wouldn’t mind taking on this role while earning a livable wage and working from home. Best of all, you won’t need to spend years in college racking up student loan debt to get a job in this field. Some people get into so much debt for that degree and still end up making much less than the average customer service agent.

#2. Data Entry Clerk


Many companies hire data entry clerks to work remotely while taking on the critical role of inputting essential data and information into the system. As a data entry clerk, you’d spend most of your time on the computer, where you could process customer information, organize different types of data, and check for potential errors while keeping systems updated on track. Most would describe the tasks as simple, straightforward, and slightly repetitive yet easy enough to do to make a living from home without needing a college degree.


What You Can Earn as an Online Data Entry Clerk


While the pay for data entry clerks varies tremendously based on different factors, including the level of experience and the specific company that hires them, most make an average of around $27/hr. So, if you’re making $27/hr while working eight hours each day for five days a week, you’re pulling in around $1080 a week, $4320 a month, and $51840 each year. And, there is always the potential to earn even more as you gain experience and become more familiar with the data entry clerk tasks assigned to you!

#3. ESL Tutor


If you love working with others but don’t have a teaching degree, you might look forward to doing something similar, such as working as an online ESL tutor. In many instances, companies worldwide are hiring contractors from the United States to teach English to students who don’t speak it as a first language. You wouldn’t even need to know the student’s native language to create lesson plans and help them comprehend English, which is one of the most challenging languages to learn.


In most cases, the only thing you’d need is a TEFL certification to start teaching students. There are low-cost programs available that allow you to earn this certificate in a matter of weeks while helping you prepare for a rewarding career as an ESL tutor.


The Payscale for ESL Tutors


Although the pay varies, most ESL tutors will make a minimum of $15 when first starting. The hourly wage for the average ESL tutor is around $40, making it possible to earn a significant amount of money doing what you love without a college degree.

#4. Virtual Assistant


Become a virtual assistant and do what you’re good at from home. Thousands of different companies hire remote virtual assistants to help them complete a broad range of tasks. You could end up doing anything, from making calls to scheduling appointments, booking business trips, posting to social media, and so much more. If you love the idea of helping businesses with the tasks they don’t have time to take care of themselves, this is the ideal position for you.


The Average Pay for a Virtual Assistant


Most virtual assistants make a minimum of $16/hr, with plenty earning double that amount because of their experience. Even if you start at a lower wage, you can use that opportunity as a stepping stone to get more experience under your belt that will look good when you’re applying for higher-paying jobs. Most importantly, you won’t need a useless college degree to get into this industry.

#5. Online Tutor


You might think that tutoring someone would require you to have a degree. While that might be the case for in-person tutoring, you can become an online tutor, offering your knowledge and skills while getting paid to help others learn. Think about it – if a child is struggling in math and their parents want them to get help, they will pick a tutor who can break it down for them and explain things in detail to help their child get the concept of it. It’s not going to matter if you have a degree or not if you know what you’re talking about and work well enough with others to leave a lasting impression on them.


What You Can Make as an Online Tutor


If you have skills and want to use them to your advantage, you can make decent money as an online tutor. Most earn anywhere between $29k and $77k, with the average online tutor bringing in around $37k per year. With stats like that without a degree, it’s no wonder more people are choosing to get into this field!

#6. Social Media Manager


Social media management is a growing industry with significant demand for professionals who know how to use these social sites to their advantage. If you’re good with Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms, show off your skills while providing services that companies will appreciate to earn money online.


Because social media continues to proliferate, there is a demand for social media managers who can create posts, manage comments, respond to feedback, and handle other social media-related tasks. Again, you won’t need to have a degree to get hired. The only thing you need to prove is that you know how to use social media and get positive attention from consumers!


The Average Pay for a Social Media Manager


The average social media manager will earn a starting wage of around $17/hr. However, some are earning up to $30/hr and more while working for multiple clients simultaneously, which leads to a more significant increase in earnings.


#7. IT Security Specialist


IT security specialists have the opportunity to devise plans for organizations to protect against imminent threats, including malware and hackers that can cause security breaches. You wouldn’t need a college degree to get a job like this but might need a bit of training. Taking affordable courses to learn the ropes would allow you to earn more while spending less and wasting much less of your time.


The Earnings of an IT Security Specialist


You can earn big when taking on a role like this in IT. Most are making around $50/hr with annual salaries of about $100,000. Yes, you’ve read that right; you can earn six figures as an IT security specialist without going to college to make it happen.

#8. Medical Writer


If you’re good at writing and have knowledge of the medical field, you might want to try your luck at medical writing. It’s not the kind of thing that requires a college degree, but you will need to have a specific set of skills. These skills would include a detailed understanding of the English language, good grammar, and vast knowledge of medical terminology.


Earnings for Medical Writers


Most medical writers earn $70k per year or more, with opportunities to bring in six figures from their compelling medical-related content. If you think you have what it takes, the demand for medical writers is there! Be sure to have a writing sample ready for hiring managers to review. Your writing sample would be more important than a college degree for a job like this one.

#9. Website Designer


Do you have web design skills? Whether you’re self-taught or someone who took courses to improve your skills, you can sell your services and work for yourself or get hired to work for a company, whichever you prefer. With billions of businesses in existence and most people having access to the internet in today’s digital era, it only makes sense why organizations need website designers to assist them.


The Average Wages of a Web Designer


The starting wage for a web designer is around $38k per year, but there is potential to earn up to $99k or more. If you have the skills to create incredible designs, you’re going to leave an impression that gets you hired on more projects, ultimately helping increase your earnings over the years.


Never let anyone get in your head and tell you that you can’t succeed without a college degree. You could work any one of these nine jobs that don’t require applicants to have a degree to get work, make a decent wage, and succeed!