Dropout Origins

Hi! I’m Adam Stinson. And I dropped out of college. But you’re smart enough to have figured that out already. 😉

At first, it wasn’t easy. I faced a lot of self-doubts and had a lot to prove after making the decision at the age of 20 (4 years ago).

To make a long story short it was tough.

But after 4 years of painstaking research, trial, and error I’ve actually become quite successful.

I have an Airbnb, a profitable e-commerce business, and I’m a junior partner at a marketing agency doing $5 million a year in revenue. All while running this publication, on the side, about how I did it all.

The secret? Dropping out of college led me to discover unique advantages that people on the conveyor belt life path will never find (It’s why 56%, a majority, of business owners don’t have a bachelor’s degree).

Those unique advantages allow me to make more money in less time and have the freedom to work where ever I want. I actually do live the rich, low-stress, life that most people write off as fake.

It wasn’t easy.

Well… actually, I did it all before I turned 25 so I guess it wasn’t that hard.

At the end of the day what I learned is that the common advice out there is absolutely horrible.
So I went on a search for something better. And what I found was an easier way to make more money and overcome obstacles in my path.

Reading this blog will help you accomplish the same.

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