We have all heard the stories of people who dropped out of college and beat the odds. Becoming successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Steve Jobs.

Oprah Winfrey.

Steven Spielberg.

Quincy Jones.

However, before you start rehearsing your speech for the Oscars or the Grammys, or before you start daydreaming of your early retirement at your summer home, you have to settle for putting one foot after the other. Starting where you are. Leveling up one step at a time. It’s not big wins, but small wins every single day that accumulate over time. 

To get there, first things first. You have to take some time to understand your goals. If you’re not sure where to start, read this

College degrees are not always necessary to achieve financial success. There are many alternatives to college. You are able to work your way into executive-level leadership and management roles without one.

There are many jobs available to those who drop out of college (or never attend at all). Read on to learn more about the careers you may be able to pursue sans cap and gown.


1. Photographer

National Average Salary: $39,399

Point, shoot, and click your way to a paycheck by turning a favorite hobby for many into an actual career. From weddings and family portraits to real estate and web design, photographers are in demand in various settings.

2. Sommelier

National Average Salary:  $46,712

Many people who start out in the lowest ranks of the restaurant industry can work their way up to sommelier through experience and some formal training. If you have a passion for wine and want to share that with others, this could be an ideal job for you.

3. Solar Installer

National Average Salary: $63,200 

On-the-job training and certification programs can help high school graduates move into a solar installer position without needing a bachelor’s degree. As the threat of climate change continues to shape and change the way we live and work, careers such as this one will only grow in demand.

4. Equipment operator

National Average Salary: $42,145 

Various jobs are available in construction for heavy equipment operators, running everything from forklifts and bulldozers to hydraulic truck cranes. Special training and licensing are needed to ensure the safety of both the operator and those on-site; the job also requires certain physical skills (such as hand-eye coordination and stamina). Those considering an equipment operator role should also bear in mind that the job will sometimes require night work or outdoor work in adverse conditions.

5. Automotive Mechanic

National Average Salary: $42,842 

Expert mechanics will be in demand as long as there are cars on the road, and a trained mechanic has a promising career outlook in terms of jobs available. An auto mechanic fixes vehicles, replaces parts, diagnoses problems, and performs routine maintenance work on cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

6. Millwright

National Average Salary: $56,801 

Have you always had an interest in tinkering with machinery? Millwrights do it all: they install and repair machinery, including everything from moving and disassembling it in places such as construction sites and power plants. A millwright apprenticeship program allows you to learn the job while getting paid.

7. Plumber

National Average Salary: $53,060 

If you are looking for a job that will always be in demand, a career in plumbing is a safe bet. Among the skilled trades, this is one of the best-paying jobs, especially for those who go on to become master plumbers. A plumber assembles, installs, repairs, and maintains plumbing systems, including pipes, fittings, heating fixtures, sprinklers, and more. 

8. Office Manager

National Average Salary: $53,524 

If you are naturally gifted when it comes to the art of multitasking, an office manager role may suit you well. Office managers handle everything from incoming visitors and calls to replenishing supplies and working with vendors.

9. Blog Writer

National Average Salary: $38,400 

Blogging is often thought of as a “side hustle,” but some dedicated writers can spin it into a full-time job with full-time earnings over time. And, unsurprisingly, in a world where we seem to blog about everything, there are plenty of people blogging about blogging. A laptop and a creative mind are all you need to get started.

10. Telecommunications Technician:

National Average Salary: $61,980 

Telecommunications technicians work to install and repair equipment such as cable and satellite systems, telephone lines, and internet lines. While some have college degrees, many are trained on the job instead.

11. Claims Adjuster: 

National Average Salary: $49,265 

These insurance industry professionals are tasked with reviewing personal injury claims or property damage claims to determine how much the insurance company should pay out. Be advised that some states require a specific license, and you will need excellent communication skills and attention to detail to succeed in the role.

12. Editor

National Average Salary: $59,531 

With the amount of web content churned out day after day across the globe, there is a continuous demand for editing services. Editors are needed to review and correct everything from blogs to company handbooks to sci-fi short stories, as well as those who work in traditional book publishing settings.

13. Insurance Agent

National Average Salary: $56,199 

While you do not need a college degree to work as an insurance agent, you will need to complete a training program and earn a license. Many of the big insurance companies in the US (such as State Farm) offer paid training programs. An insurance agent sells and manages insurance policies for an insurance company.

14. Massage Therapist

National Average Salary: $46,002 

A massage therapist typically has to pass a state board program to work with a license, which comes after training in programs that last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Massage therapists communicate with clients about symptoms, medical history, and the results they want to achieve. They also manipulate muscles and guide proper stretching techniques.

15. Sales Representative

National Average Salary: $64,690 

Sales jobs are appealing for those who are naturally driven and competitive; exceeding goals can often lead to big bonuses on top of your annual pay. However, check the “fine print” on any sales position to understand how much of your pay is incentive-based before accepting the job. A sales representative sells products and meets customer needs.

16. Videographer

National Average Salary: $55,160 

Videographers are in demand for more than just weddings, and an aspiring filmmaker might try her hand at local and regional videography work until that big break comes along. In addition to filming content, a videographer should have editing and production skills as well.

17. Waste Disposal Personnel

National Average Salary: $41,400

Working in waste disposal does not have to stink (at least not as far as the pay is concerned), and these careers offer more than meets the eye. Waste disposal personnel manage staff, develop storage protocols for hazardous materials, manage waste facilities, and develop hazardous waste disposal procedures, among other duties. 

18. Bingo Manager

National Average Salary: $69,151

Working in the casino industry can have its perks, especially if you have a taste for buffets and lounge acts! A high school diploma and on-the-job training can land you a role as a bingo manager, and you will also be required to learn and comply with Federal and state gaming regulations. A bingo manager directs daily activities and approves payouts. 

19. Lodging Manager

National Average Salary: $51,123

Many positions in the hospitality industry are available to those without college degrees, including lodging managers. Typically you might work your way up after serving as a bellman, desk clerk, or even housekeeper (Jennifer Lopez gave us the rom-com version of a guidebook for this career path). A lodging manager may be responsible for checking rooms and public areas for cleanliness, answering guest questions, and keeping track of finances. 

20. Real Estate Agent/Broker

National Average Salary: $93,815

For the seriously tenacious types, a role in real estate can set you off on a path to future wealth. No college degree is required, but after an initial training period, it takes a tremendous amount of hustle. This can be a lucrative position, but prospective real estate agents should also consider the need to budget for the unexpected (i.e., a month or even several months of no homes sold). A real estate agent answers and makes phone calls, schedules appointments and showings, and counsels clients on market conditions, and more.

21. Computer Programmer

National Average Salary:  $57,922 

Computer wizards come from all backgrounds, not just the Ivy League or Silicon Valley. Self-taught programmers can land jobs in a wide variety of software companies across the US. Some duties may include code and test programming, developing and deploying computer apps, and fixing bugs in computer codes. 

22. Network and Computer Systems Administrator

National Average Salary:  $67,272

This kind of role, which you would commonly refer to in a business as Information Technology (IT) staff, requires a sophisticated level of experience with a wide variety of software and hardware and the ability to manage multiple systems across a wide variety of devices (such as the company’s desktop computers, laptops, printers, cell phones, and more). 

23. Power Line Installer and Repairer

National Average Salary: $61,868

Working with power lines can be dangerous, so long-term on-the-job training is required. The skills needed for the job include attention to detail, the ability to solve problems quickly, and mechanical knowledge, among others. Other duties include installing, maintaining, and repairing power lines, identifying defective devices, and inspecting and testing power lines.

24. Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technician

National Average Salary: $52,000

Aircraft mechanics and service technicians can find work both at major commercial airports and aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing. Though you do not need a college degree, you will need to complete a technical school program and pass an FAA certification. Some duties include performing regular system inspections, maintaining equipment, running diagnostic checks, and troubleshooting.

25. Radiologic and MRI Technologist

National Average Salary: $64,840

Employed in hospitals and smaller healthcare facilities, radiologic and MRI technologists perform diagnostic imaging scans on patients. A four-year degree may not be required, but typically you would need a two year-degree.

26. Respiratory Therapist

National Average Salary: $70,568

These specialized medical professionals work with patients suffering from various respiratory conditions to help them with post-operative rehabilitation, breathing treatments, and more. A four-year degree may not be required, but typically you would need a two year-degree.

27. Occupational Therapy Assistant and Aide

National Average Salary: $60,950

These roles are vital to the work of occupational therapists in helping patients recover from a variety of illnesses and injuries. An “assistant” will have a two-year degree, whereas an “aide” can work after a high school diploma and on-the-job training. An assistant or aide will prepare treatment areas, transport patients, clean treatment areas and equipment, and help patients with billing and insurance forms.

28. Pile Driver Operator

National Average Salary: $71,880

These operators drive piles for building and bridge foundations, retaining walls, and many other structures. Some states require a crane license, and a commercial driver’s license will be needed as well.

29. Funeral Services Manager

National Average Salary: $80,217

There is certainly an aspect of job security unique to the funeral industry—and for tax accountants! Funeral services managers act as both a reassuring presence for grieving families as well as a supreme multi-tasker covering every aspect of burial or cremation and services. 

30. Wedding Planner

National Average Salary: $42,654

An advanced degree is not needed to plan weddings, just a stickler-for-detail personality and a willingness to endure the occasional bridezilla. A wedding planner often provides referrals, negotiates contracts, creates timelines, attends site tours, and brainstorms ideas. 

31. Rotary Drill Operator

National Average Salary:  $58,940

A rotary drill operator is tasked with operating well-digging equipment to the specifications of an engineer. Many work in this field with a high school diploma and training, though some earn a two-year associate degree.

32. Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Programmer, Metal and Plastic

National Average Salary: $65,048

This mouthful of a job title can be best explained as someone who writes computer programming. A training certificate is required as well as on-the-job training.

33. Wind Turbine Tech

National Average Salary: $56,230

These technicians install, operate, monitor, and repair wind turbines, an industry poised for tremendous growth in the next decade.

34. Crane Operator

National Average Salary: $49,096

Heavy equipment operators move, position, and reposition materials with cranes, often receiving instruction via hand signals from other construction crew members. It takes a skilled touch and split-second decision-making to operate a crane effectively, as well as significant on-the-job training. 

35. Industrial Machinery Mechanic

National Average Salary: $54,920

Mechanics specializing in industrial machinery are sometimes called “maintenance machinists.” They are relied upon in industrial settings to detect and prevent problems by correcting machine errors.

36. Locksmith and Safe Repairer

National Average Salary:  $35,250

Skilled locksmiths and safe repairers are not just people we call in an emergency; beyond rescuing those who are locked out of homes or cars, they also install hardware, repair locks, duplicate keys, and more.

37. Margin Department Supervisor

National Average Salary:  $79,012

These supervisors work in brokerage firms to approve or deny credit and also monitor account activity. Three to five years of brokerage experience would typically be required before moving into this role.

38. Air Traffic Controller

National Average Salary: $53,823

This critical aviation role requires a two-year associate degree or a combination of work experience and work toward a bachelor’s degree. An air traffic controller monitors and directs aircraft movement, controls ground traffic, and resolves issues with landing and takeoff instructions.

39. Automobile Service Station Manager

National Average Salary: $46,826

Service station managers can be responsible for everything from retail operations to gas pump repair, as well as hiring and training staff.

40. Landscape Architect

National Average Salary: $70,630

A landscape architect designs outdoor spaces and maximizes the environmental elements in design. Most have a bachelor’s degree, but there are some associate programs available. 

41. Lead Carpenter

National Average Salary: $47,271

A lead carpenter performs the typical duties associated with carpentry, supervises other less experienced carpenters, and oversees the job site. They also supervise and schedule subcontractors and inspections and take care of paperwork.

42. Director of Security

National Average Salary: $76,010

These directors manage not only security but often overall safety for businesses, protecting all of their equipment, assets, and people.

43. Elevator Mechanic

National Average Salary: $47,675

Mechanics specialized in elevators work to install, operate, and repair them, as well as remove and replace them when needed. Associates degrees or apprenticeships are the typical paths to this specialized role.

44. Cable Supervisor

National Average Salary: $74,507

A cable supervisor manages all of the activities associated with installing and repairing underground cables, which could be related to utilities, communication systems, or railways.

45. Flight Services Manager

National Average Salary: $62,600

This is a critical role in aviation, with a flight services manager overseeing all of the support staff and the flight attendants in commercial airlines. Many have bachelor’s degrees, but it is possible to work your way up to this role after serving as a flight attendant or other support staff.

46. Personal Trainer

National Average Salary: $42,780

Those with a passion for fitness can turn a gym hobby into a career with a personal trainer certificate. Some duties include demonstrating exercises to clients, assisting in exercises to minimize injury, modifying exercise plans for clients, monitoring client progress, and providing resources on general fitness and health issues. 

47. Commercial Pilot

National Average Salary: $78,948

Pilots undergo a tremendous amount of training before earning a license, and this can be done without a traditional college degree. In addition to the training and licensing involved, you must also have a medical certification to work as a commercial pilot. There are significant costs involved in training to consider. A commercial pilot inspects the aircraft, creates flight plans, details flight altitudes, and plans routes.

48. Truck Driver

National Average Salary: $70,363

Truck drivers deliver goods across states, regions, or the entire country, often originating at shipping ports. Training and licensing are required. 

49. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

National Average Salary: $68,548

These operators are responsible for making adjustments that affect how much electricity is generated by a reactor. Rigorous training is required along with a license from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

50. Firefighter

National Average Salary: $48,274

While volunteer firefighters serve many communities, there are still professional, career firefighters working all across the US. In addition to putting out fires, they also respond to many other emergencies, including car accidents, where they may be responsible for extricating injured individuals from vehicles.

51. Police Officer

National Average Salary: $53,312

To work as a police officer, you will need to complete and earn a high school diploma or GED, pass an entrance exam to the police academy, and graduate from the police academy after six months of training. Specific certificates in courses such as criminology can help in cases where a department requires certain college credits but not a full degree. A police officer protects life and property by enforcing laws and regulations.

52. Emergency Medical Technician

National Average Salary: $43,882

EMTs work on the front line of the medical field and offer a path for those who want to work in healthcare without a bachelor’s degree. EMTs must earn a CPR certification and complete a training program that lasts one to two years. As an emergency medical technician, you will respond to emergency calls, assess a patient’s condition, and provide first aid treatment or life support. 

53. Railroad Jobs

National Average Salary: $47,961

There are a variety of roles in railroads, such as train conductor, yardmasters, and rail switchman. They review schedules, orders, and shipping records for freight trains. 

54. Information Technology Technician

National Average Salary: $76,264

IT techs assist company employees with all needs related to software and hardware. Online training and certification make it possible to work as an IT technician without an advanced degree.

55. Criminal Investigator

National Average Salary: $70,718

Criminal investigators are specialized police officers who work to investigate complex crimes and crime scenes. This role can be attained after working for several years as a police officer.

56. Brick Mason

National Average Salary: $43,843

A brick mason is tasked with building and repairing walls, fireplaces, and other structures, and they often learn the trade through an apprenticeship.

57. Postal Service Worker

National Average Salary: $40,233

A mail carrier must have a clean driving record, the ability to meet the job’s physical demands, and a high school diploma. Additionally, you must pass a four-part written exam and complete an interviewing process. A postal service worker sells stamps, money orders, and mailing envelopes. They also register, certify, and insure mail. 

58. Pharmacy Technician

National Average Salary: $30,637

A pharmacy tech assists pharmacists by dispensing and packing medication, which the pharmacist will review for accuracy. Check your state’s specific licensing and certification requirements as they vary.

59. Military

National Average Salary: $61,000

Payment for services in the military is dictated by rank and grade, with a scale for both enlisted and officers, and Congress determines this. They plan, organize, and lead troops in military operations. They also provide medical and legal services to military personnel, depending on their role and rank.

60. Mortgage Loan Officer

National Average Salary: $63,270

A mortgage loan officer can make dreams come true (or act as a dream crusher in some cases). They assist customers applying for loans, walking them through a complicated process and offering extensive industry knowledge.

61. Graphic Designer

National Average Salary: $50,380

Graphic design is a skill that can be honed in various ways, including through courses and certifications, as well as having a natural artistic knack and on-the-job training. As a graphic designer, you create visual text and imagery concepts, communicate ideas, and develop the layout and production design for advertisements, and more. 

62. Social Media Advertiser

National Average Salary: $43,321

There are a number of careers available in the social media sphere, and advertising is one of the biggest. In these jobs, you will target audiences with specifically designed ads related to searches. 

63. Search Engine Optimizer

National Average Salary: $50,777

SEOs work to analyze a business’s website and content generation to optimize keywords and graphical content to drive traffic to the company and its products. Thanks to Google, these jobs are on the rise!

64. Content Creator

National Average Salary: $48,750

Content creators write blogs and create other content and marketing copy for businesses, sometimes in a freelance capacity across numerous companies and organizations and sometimes in full-time roles.

65. Project Manager

National Average Salary: $74,045

Project managers are in demand in various industries as the individuals tasked with managing every detail of a project from soup to nuts. They must be detail-oriented, efficient, and reliable team players. A project manager plans and develops project ideas, creates and leads teams, problem solves, and evaluates project performance.

66. UX Designer

National Average Salary: $89,648

A UX designer is the person who makes an experience “user-friendly.” They research product use extensively to create the best experience for the end-user, tapping into elements from design to psychology. 

67. Data Analytics

National Average Salary: $65,674

Data analysts are charged with gathering, cleaning, organizing, and ultimately analyzing data to help a company solve problems. This is a job for those who thrive in the minutiae.

68. Virtual Assistant

National Average Salary: $37,023

While it may sound like an AI project, a virtual assistant role still exists for human beings! These jobs entail assisting an executive from a remote location, handling various administrative tasks, and scheduling requests.

69. Software Engineer

National Average Salary: $116,940

A software engineer determines a user’s software needs and then builds it for them, including everything from operating systems to games.

70. Predictive Analytics

National Average Salary: $73.023

This type of specialized data analyst is responsible for using their analysis to predict future outcomes for a company. Crystal ball, anyone? They evaluate past and current data and use that information to forecast trends and behaviors. 

71. Club Promoter

National Average Salary: $38,834

Working as a club promoter can help you get a foot into the door of your local entertainment scene (not to mention the clubs themselves!). This is definitely an “introverts need not apply” position as it requires an extremely outgoing nature. A club promoter promotes events with marketing materials, highlights appearances, and draws people in. 

72. Production Assistant

National Average Salary: $30,873

Getting in on the ground floor of television and film work often means working as a production assistant, with duties ranging from prepping and cleaning a set to driving cast and crew to ordering meals. Essentially production assistants are expected to do anything and everything a director needs to keep production moving along. It can mean long hours and demanding schedules, but the eventual payoff could be upward movement in the industry.

73. Electrician

National Average Salary:  $55,985

Electricians design, install, and repair electrical systems, which can mean everything from tasks as simple as rewiring a lamp to ones as complicated as an electrical installation in a massive new hotel. An electrician apprenticeship can take 3-5 years to complete; check your state’s Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation for more information on state-specific requirements. 

74. Pool Servicer

National Average Salary: $38,520

Poll servicers are not only responsible for removing debris from the water; they also test and maintain chemical levels, clean filters, and filter cartridges, and clean and maintain the pool deck surface.

75. Vacation Rental Manager

National Average Salary: $41,737

If you live in an area that draws tourists, vacation rental manager work may be a promising opportunity. Their primary duties may include marketing and booking properties, managing booking calendars, communicating with guests, and coordinating housekeeping, repairs, and maintenance.

76. Online Business Advisor

National Average Salary: $63,576

If you have had success running your own business, whether that means a gym or a restaurant, or pet grooming service, you may be able to leverage that success into a career advising others. Best of all, this work can often be done online in a remote capacity. You can help other business owners by analyzing data such as sales reports and helping them draft a business strategy to achieve growth, profits, and more.

77. Affiliate Marketer

National Average Salary: $65,853

An affiliate marketer is someone who makes introductions—a networker of sorts who tells people about a product or service. They are not directly responsible for the manufacturing or sale of goods. Rather, they just tell people that a product or service exists and why they need it. In turn, they earn a commission with sales tracked through affiliate links. Many bloggers also earn money through affiliate marketing.

78. Course Creation Consultant

National Average Salary: $73,943

Course creation consultants help businesses with online training and other educational materials. The ability to analyze large amounts of data and edit and proofread content for clarity are some of the required skills for this job. 

79. SOP Builder/Specialist

National Average Salary: $59,427

Those who create Standard Operating Procedures for businesses are known as SOP Builders or Specialists. Experience in technical writing is often required. An SOP builder standardizes products and quality.

80. Google Analytics Specialist

National Average Salary: $87,750

These specialists work to help businesses improve their rankings on Google. Required skills include search engine optimization and data analysis.

81. Social Media Strategist

National Average Salary: $52,391

While this role did not even exist at the start of the century, now most large companies have a full-time social media strategist, if not an entire team dedicated to social media. They develop and implement the company’s social media strategy, which can involve coordination with in-house sales and marketing teams and external partners and vendors.

82. Copywriter

National Average Salary: $52,739

Copywriters are hired by several organizations to create written material for everything from websites to internal manuals. You will be required to submit writing samples and pass editing and proofreading tests to be hired as a copywriter.

83. AdWords Specialist / Search engine marketer

National Average Salary: $53,345

Utilizing search engine optimization is one of the most important ways for companies to reach their audiences, so many larger organizations hire marketing employees who specialize in this area. A search engine marketer achieves maximum ROI in paid search campaigns, tracks, reports, and analyzes website analytics, PPC initiatives, and campaigns.

84. Bookkeeper/ In-house accounting

National Average Salary: $38,519

Bookkeeping does not always require a college degree, though an associate degree can certainly increase job prospects. Typical job duties may include managing payroll, making deposits, verifying receipts, and collecting payments from customers and vendors.

85. Marketing Funnel Developer

National Average Salary: $43,156

These marketing specialists work to create sales funnels for a business, with the goal of converting leads to sales. Skills required include experience with eCommerce, digital ads, chatbots, A/B testing, and more.

86. Podcast Editor

National Average Salary: $55,817

Podcast editors record, mix, edit and produce podcasts. Experience with audio editing software is critical to the role, and a background in sound recording is also helpful.

87. Ethical Hacker

National Average Salary: $101,750

Also known as penetration testing, ethical hacking is a process where a specialist will break into a company’s computer systems for the specific purpose of testing their security and protection measures. Certification is required.

88. Blockchain Developer

National Average Salary: $140,000

These specialists develop blockchain protocols and web apps using blockchain technology, which is essential to the world of cryptocurrency.

89. AWS Certified Cloud Computing Expert

National Average Salary: $130,000

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification can help you leverage a higher salary in cloud computing, an area that has seen demand for new workers. As an AWS Certified Cloud Computing Expert, you will design, develop, and deploy cloud solutions.

90. CRM Marketing Expert

National Average Salary: $66,381

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is used by most companies today to manage their workflows, sales funnels, and marketing outreach. Expertise with CRM software is a required skill now for virtually every marketing job. CRM marketing experts plan and deliver CRM strategies to retain customers, increase brand loyalty, and expand brand value. 

91. Email Marketing Expert

National Average Salary: $54,037

Email outreach is a specific skill area within marketing, and companies will often outsource this effort to the experts. An email marketing expert creates and monitors different email marketing campaigns, ensures designs and layouts, proofreads key messaging, and compiles email lists. 

92. eCommerce Supply Chain and Logistics Manager

National Average Salary: $95,000

These managers analyze data related to inventory and performance; they collaborate with both in-house teams and external vendors to ensure a company’s goods make their way to the end consumer.

93. Dog Trainer

National Average Salary: $33,945

For exhausted new “puppy parents,” a dog trainer can make a world of difference. Trainers work with animals to instill obedience habits and specific performance needs, as in the case of show dogs.

94. Online Teacher

National Average Salary: $40,230

While most traditional teaching positions require a bachelor’s degree, you can teach English online without one. Online teachers create curriculums, teach materials, and lead online discussions through forums and web chats. 

95. Video Game Developer

National Average Salary: $78,000 

The key to becoming a video game developer is learning how to code, which can be done without a college degree. They are responsible for designing and developing video games for the computer, console, and mobile applications. They may also play a role in character design, animation, and testing.

96. Video Game Designer/Artist

National Average Salary: $75,852 

Video game designers may not necessarily be involved in the coding and technical aspects, but they are responsible for all of the creative elements of the program. A background in art and graphic design can be extremely helpful.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you see the point we are trying to make. There are plenty of options for college dropouts. 


They say that completing college opens doors for you. Well funny enough, so does dropping out. Dropping out actually provides more flexibility than graduating. It keeps you open. It doesn’t tie you down to a particular field. It gives you the space and time to try different things.

If you’re in college and you’re anxious about dropping out, check out this article on how to preserve your odds of success if you do decide to make the leap and drop out of college.